redditviz – An interactive visualization of reddit’s subcommunities, and a clue to the future of educational publishing

I came across this neat visualization of reddit. The method used to generate it is reported in the research article “Navigating the massive world of reddit: using backbone networks to map user interests in social media”.

I did search for science.
I did this search for science!!

In addition to being a fascinating analysis, the way in which I encountered this publication was interesting from an academic perspective. It warms my heart, really.

The creators, Prof. Zachary Neal and Dr. Randy Olson, did an AMA on it not too long ago as well, where they linked to all of the open-sourced tools they used to create it. That AMA was then archived by the The Winnower, which claims to be “a scholarly publishing platform that offers traditional scholarly publishing tools to traditional and non-traditional scholarly outputs—because scholarly communication doesn’t just happen in scholarly journals.” Truly amazing. The AMA thread was assigned a doi, which I have never seen before!

I’m so impressed.