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[table caption=” Musical Friends “]

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Cinema L’Amour (the band!), A loopy rock spectacle (Montreal); much love to them.

EuphonicAn all-acoustic trio with tonnes of flavour.

Teal Booth, A unique voice from Hamilton (ON). She also paints!

Gord Simmons,  Operatics in Hamilton (ON).

The Plain Steel, Folk n’ roll from Hamilton (ON).

Vince Waters, A fantastic drummer from Hamilton (ON).

Bob WegnerGuitar wizard from Hamilton (ON).

The Ruffled Feathers (band)Songs of love and revolution from Vancouver.


[table caption=”Maker Friends”]

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Andrea Warnick,  A visual artist and lovable weirdo.

Takanya Marsh,  Maker of textile art and lovely painted items.


[table caption=”Other Personalities”]

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Evan Lichty,  Curator of strange music.

Lorimer LonghaulA traveler’s words.

Mahgic BirdA very wise telepathic bird on Facebook. (You must earn his respect.)






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