Ed. Tech Courses

PhD in Education, Educational Technology specialization (in progress)

MA in Educational Technology – Thesis Option (completed)

Course Accomplishments
EDUC 809

Advanced Issues in Education

Fall 2015

  • in a group, prepared a seminar on anti-intellectualism and its impact on higher education administration and policy
  • authored an overview of the higher education sector in Canada, including governance, teaching standards and dominant practices, evaluation and impact, in preparation for publication
  • developed elements of academic portfolio
EDUC 805

Advanced Issues in Learning and Cognition (self-directed)

Fall/Winter 2016

  • critically reviewed recent research articles in the emerging field of educational data mining
  • analyzed learning log data drawn from course management systems
  • developed a position paper on publication standards for interdisciplinary research in educational data mining  
EDUC 806

Quantitative Methods

Winter 2016

  • analyzed data sets using a variety of statistical methods, including ANOVA, multiple regression, and nonparametric procedures
  • prepared a seminar on statistical modeling of data drawn from virtual learning environments
EDUC 807

Qualitative Methods

Winter 2016

  • in a group, developed a proposal for a participatory needs analysis for use with new Canadian youth in Montreal
  • proposed an action research approach to the evaluation of a technology-supported active learning curriculum redesign program for an undergraduate engineering course


MA in Educational Technology – Thesis Option (completed)

Course Accomplishments
ETEC 648

Research Methods

Fall/Winter 2011-2012

  • proposed and reported an investigation of how counsellors/therapists perceive and select educational materials for problem gambling clients
  • planned and conducted a qualitative research study involving semi-structured interviews and document analysis
  • critiqued contemporary research in education with reference to current academic standards
ETEC 712

Human Performance Technology

Fall/Winter 2011-2012

  • conducted a learning needs analysis for a brief management course on workplace accommodation for individuals with learning disabilities
  • designed a 30-minute classroom instructional unit addressing the identified learning needs
  • conducted a performance needs analysis
  • prepared a high-level design of a performance campaign
  • developed a job aid, quick reference, sample forms and sample policies to support managers when developing, documenting and implementing workplace accommodation  
ETEC 613

Learning Theories

Fall 2011

  • proposed, conducted and co-authored an unpublished systematic literature review on the effect of multilingualism on cognitive development and associated implications for educational practice
  • prepared and presented arguments for in-class debates on contemporary issues in education
ETEC 660

Introduction to Educational Computing

Winter 2012

  • evaluated the beta version of Wolfram Educational Portal using contemporary criteria compiled through research
  • collaboratively prepared and delivered a seminar on pedagogical applications and best practices for the use of classroom response systems (clickers), involving interactive demonstrations of two widely used systems (iclicker2 and Top Hat Monocle)
  • prepared an original position paper proposing widespread integration of principles of Universal Design into teacher education using the framework of the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) (Koehler & Mishra 2008) model of teacher competencies for practice within a technology-enhanced learning environment
ETEC 637

Educational Gaming & Simulation

Spring 2012

  • collaboratively designed an educational boardgame for fifth-grade ESL learners
  • collaboratively designed an educational framegame for fifth-grade English Language Arts students
  • independently designed and developed a working prototype for an interactive fiction e-game for adult ESL learners
ETEC 790

Guidelines for International Auditor certification ISO 29000 

(140-hour Internship)

Supervisor: Vivek Venkatesh

Spring 2012

I collaborated with colleagues to conduct a preliminary learning needs analysis for a training program to prepare auditors to evaluate learning services for compliance with ISO 29990. This project required:

  • document analysis for the purpose of recommending learning objectives and identifying auditors’ resource needs
  • preparation of visual aids summarizing major conclusions

  • preparation of a final report, presented at a meeting of the International Forum for Certification of Educational Service in Tokyo
ETEC 693

Consulting in Educational Technology

Summer 2012

ETEC 691
(Advanced Readings and Research in Educational Technology)Creating Topic Map Indices for Mathematics EducationSummer 2012
  •  working with a team, performed a needs analysis for a specialized online repository for research articles in mathematics education
  • collaborated on the specification of a database design using the Topic Maps indexing standard
ETEC 662
Social Computing and Collaborative WorkFall 2012
  •  with my colleague, Stefan Krueger, I co-founded a LinkedIn group for the students in the Educational Technology graduate programs and investigated the growth and activities of the new community
  • collaborated on a seminar introducing connectivism as an educational philosophy and learning theory
  • wrote an essay articulating an integrative model of learning in the social computing environment
ETEC 692
(Advanced Readings and Research in Educational Technology)The Application of HPT in a Business Consulting SimulationWinter 2013
Worked with a team to:

  • develop a data collection plan for a needs analysis
  • perform a needs analysis, including document analysis and interviews with a simulated client
  • develop a detailed proposal for a performance improvement campaign, documenting the process
  • develop a pitch presentation for delivery before a panel of judges at the ISPI University Case Study Competition in Reno, Nevada
ECSE 681 (McGill University)
Human-Computer InteractionWinter 2013
Worked with a team to:

  • conceive an Android-based application to facilitate independent travel for visually impaired individuals
  • collect data  from visually impaired and sighted volunteers
  • develop a paper prototype for the application
  • develop a working prototype of the application
  • perform user testing with the prototypes
  • create a detailed user guide
  • develop a pitch presentation
GPTK 703
Graduate Seminar in University Teaching (Intensive)Fall 2013
This intensive course offered practical perspectives and practice for the development and delivery of a university course. Requirements included:

  • planning two mini lessons
  • delivering a brief seminar on a topic of choice
  • developing a course syllabus based on a principled approach to course design
  • preparing a teaching philosophy statement suitable for applications to academic positions
PSYC 601
Statistical Analysis and Experimental DesignFall 2013
This course deeply examined issues in interpretation and application of univariate statistics techniques in psychology, including:

  • robust estimation
  • parametric and non-parametric techniques
  • analysis of variance
  • power analysis
  • hypothesis testing