Supporting Canadian minority language revitalization with interactive ebook development

April 2017 —

Collaborators: Ross SundbergAnne Laurie

With my colleagues from the PhD in Education at Concordia University, I proposed the development of an Android application to support minority language learners in the development of authentic spoken language-learning resources. We have successfully secured a seed grant from the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance at Concordia University.

Effect of a Digital Learning Environment on Learning Outcomes in a University-level English Composition Course

March 2017 — May 2017

Principal Investigator: Alicia Cundell

Prof. John Lofranco taught two sections of an English composition course—one centred on exercises conducted in a computer lab, and one in traditional lecture format. The Centre for Teaching and Learning at Concordia University conducted a comparison study examining the impact of class format on achievement in the course. As a research assistant, I coordinated data collection and conducted the statistical analyses for the project.

Models of Instruction (Teacher-centered and student-centered)

March 2016 —

Principal Investigator: Robert Bernard

As a research assistant, I am coding substantive methodological study features to support the investigation of moderating factors affecting the effectiveness of different measures of student-centered and teacher-centered instructional events.

Farnell Scholar Project 

August 2015 to December 2016

Project Lead: Jeremy Cooperstock

Collaborators: Maria Orjuela-Laverde, Gheorghe Comanici

Dr. Cooperstock was named the Gerald W. Farnell Teaching Scholar in the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University. He is working to adopt more active- and peer-learning approaches into his Human-Computer Interaction and  Artifical Intelligence courses. I am assisting Dr. Cooperstock in creating activities in Moodle (an LMS) and Learning Catalytics (a classroom response system) for the human-computer interaction course. The project team is developing a case study report of the benefits and challenges of the new methods.

Civic Gaming Project 

 December 2012 to Present

Project Lead: David I. Waddington

The Civic Gaming Project at Concordia University is examining how the depiction and simulation of human affairs in video games influences players — for better or for worse.

As a researcher, I designed, managed, and analyzed the results of two projects studying Get Water!, a social change game developed by Decode Global, a Montreal-based startup.

Concordia Ed. Tech. Online Community Initiative 

 June 2012 to December 2014

Project Lead: Stefan Krueger
Technology Consultant: Haritos Kavallos, BCompSc
We created and maintained the Ed Tech students’ LinkedIn group.


Performance consultant job description study

Principal Investigator: Saul Carliner

Sponsored by the Canadian Society for Training and Development.