I am a doctoral student in Education at Concordia University  in Montreal, Canada, specializing in educational technology. I also completed an MA in Educational Technology there (see: Courses and accomplishments). Previously, I studied psychology and cognitive science at the University of Waterloo (see: my CV).

I have worked in user research for educational software and freelance in technical writing and instructional design.

Some of the questions that interest me most include:
  1. How can learning analytics inform the development of better instructional materials?
  2. How can we ensure that all public educational materials are usable and accessible?
  3. How can we use digital technologies to support mental health and responsible citizenship?  (see: HCI and mental health resources, see also: Civic Gaming Project)
  4. How can we ensure that best practices in information design are applied in formal and informal educational resources?
  5. How can technology empower people with special needs?
For professional connections, please visit my LinkedIn profile.
For academic connections, please visit my ResearchGate profile.



Cognitive science
Engineering psychology
Experimental psychology
Human-computer interaction
Instructional design
Learning sciences
Modular design
3D printing
Creative writing
Digital arts
Open source technology
Productivity tools
Web usability & design



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